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My goal is to create moments that last forever

Time flies all too fast when your little miracle enters the world, begins to smile, lets loose that first little giggle, sits up all by themselves, takes their first wobbly step, then begins to run.  I wanted to be able to look back on these times with photos taken with love, edited with patience, and presented with care, and this is how I approach my work each and every day.

Based out of a private studio, I always strive to provide a comfortable, family-based environment that I would want for my own experience.  I am driven not by profit, but by the desire to offer my clients an experience that they can enjoy, and resulting photos they can cherish for a lifetime.  I am also a professional Registered Nurse for both the adult and pediatric population, and currently hold my Basic Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certifications.  Safety is, and always will be, my priority when photographing your baby.

I welcome family members to participate in sessions and make sure that I incorporate their lifestyles and ideas in order to make each session a personal experience.  I aim to provide the ultimate family experience with all my clients.

To all current and future families that will visit Janine Leigh Photography, my promise to you is that I will treat each and everyone of you with the respect, patience, and attention that you deserve.  I will treat your little ones with the same love and care that I treat my own little prince.  I will provide quality work utilizing  up-to-date techniques and unique props in order to provide you with an end product you will love.  Let this be my pledge....


Facts about me

Trinidad & Tobago

Best vacation spot

At the age of 32

I started this business


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I have been photographing since my son was born.

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Taking my son to his first professional photoshoot in 2011 opened up a whole new world to me.  This is what sparked my love of child photography and opened up a whole new avenue of joy for me outside of the medical field.

Sibling photography
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Going out

Be surprised

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Go as planned


Send me a message to make an appointment. I'm looking very much forward to work with you.

Let's work together

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